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    2021 FALL KICKING CAMPS (updated 7.5.2021)


    October 3
    Naples, FL

    October 17
    Seattle, WA 

    October 24
    Los Angeles, CA

    October 30 
    Dallas, TX

    November 13
    Atlanta, GA 

    November 14
    Charlotte, NC

    December 12 
    Chicago, IL INDOOR

    December 19
    San Francisco, CA

    January 15-16








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  • Kickers / Punters:

    Andrew David

    Long Snappers:

    Blake Ferguson

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  • Kickers / Punters:

    JK Scott

    Freeman Jones
    North Carolina

    Cameron Gamble

    Gary Wunderlich
    Ole Miss

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  • Kickers / Punters:

    Sean Covington 

    Jed Barnett 

    Diego Gonzalez

    Jimmy Hutchinson 

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Player Rankings • Player Profile
Brian Knudsilen • Class of 2021 • Punters
FBS Power 5 Freshman Year Starter, Scholarship Pick
FBS Freshman Year Starter, Scholarship Pick
FCS Freshman Year Starter, Scholarship Pick or FBS PWO
D2, D3, NAIA Prospect or FCS PWO
D2, D3 or NAIA Developing Prospect
High School Starter
Developing High School Player
Brian Knudsilen
Name: Brian Knudsilen
Player Ranking:
Class Rank: 70
Grad Year: 2021
State: MN
Country: United States
Pro Team:
Height: 6-1
Weight: 250
Student Since: 2021
Last Evaluation: 5-21


Player Review
Aaron Perez (5-21):
Brian is a big strong punter from Minnesota who recently committed to MSU Moorhead. He attended the Chicago PuntFactory Camp and was consistent and strong all day. During training at camp, Brian hit punts of 42 4.18, 48 4.07 a d 50 4.17. Brian generates alot of power downfield and really uses his big frame. Brian averaged 42.5 over six punts in charting with his best being 50 4.15. Brian also is very impressive with his drop punts in plus territory. I think Brian will continue to improve and be a great competitor and player for MSU Moorhead. I like his work ethic and attitude and dedication to the craft. Great job and good luck Brian!
College Interest
Additional Information

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