• The following camps are our exposure and instructional camps that are OPEN TO ALL levels of Kickers, Punters and Long Snappers and will offer you the top exposure in the country. You do NOT need to be invited to the camps listed below.

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    2021 FALL KICKING CAMPS (updated 7.5.2021)


    October 3
    Naples, FL

    October 17
    Seattle, WA 

    October 24
    Los Angeles, CA

    October 30 
    Dallas, TX

    November 13
    Atlanta, GA 

    November 14
    Charlotte, NC

    December 12 
    Chicago, IL INDOOR

    December 19
    San Francisco, CA

    January 15-16








    To register for a Chris Sailer Kicking camp, please go HERE

    All EXACT camp locations are located on the registration pages.  All camps are ran by the first instructor listed under each camp date.

  • Kickers / Punters:

    Andrew David

    Long Snappers:

    Blake Ferguson

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  • Kickers / Punters:

    JK Scott

    Freeman Jones
    North Carolina

    Cameron Gamble

    Gary Wunderlich
    Ole Miss

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  • Kickers / Punters:

    Sean Covington 

    Jed Barnett 

    Diego Gonzalez

    Jimmy Hutchinson 

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Event Elite • 2009

2009 "Event Elite" Announced May 20, 2009

2009 "Event Elite"

2009 - National Camp "Elite"


Class of 2011
  • Matt Goudis
  • Connor Loftus
  • Andre Heidari
Class of 2010
  • Eddie Camara
  • Alex Garoutte
  • Nick Diaz
  • Matthew Gulbrandsen
  • Tony Miliano
  • Zach Hoffman
  • Nick Pollard
  • Carey Spear
  • Joe Roberts
Junior College
  • Billy Bennett
  • Chris Ewald

K/P Combo Players

Class of 2010
  • Logan Bass
  • Pablo Beltran
  • Ryan Bustin
  • Tyler Hadden
  • Mason Krysinski
  • Craig McMahon
  • Zach Olen
  • William Russ
  • Mike Sadler


Class of 2011
  • Kris Albarado
Class of 2010
  • Ethan Keyserling
  • Jonathan Ginsburgh
Junior College
  • Josh Brisk
1st Alternates
  • Kicker: Kramer Fyfe, Andrew Furney
  • Punters: Rory Perez, Weston Cox
Honorable Mention
  • Class of 2012: Paul Griggs, Sam Falkenhagen
  • Class of 2011: John Wallace, James Hairston, Alex Howell, Niklas Sade, Preston Lyon, Ceejay Santos
  • Class of 2010: Justin Casor, Anthony Ciminello, John Carpenter, Ryan DeNucci, Tyler Drees, Andrew Furney, Kramer Fyfe, Connor Goulding, Yannick Klenk, Rory Perez, Cody Rademacher, Justin Syrovatka
  • Junior College: Billy Greer, Jorge Vazquez, Logan Ortiz, Brian Blumberg Punters: Weston Cox, Rory Perez
  • Class of 2009 Standouts (Not Eligible For "Event Elite"): Eric Stern, Jared Smith, Matt Williams