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    FALL 2020 PUNTING CAMPS (10.10.2020)



    Sunday, October 4th
    LD Bell High School
    Hurst, TX

    Sunday, October 11th
    Sparta Dome (INDOOR)
    Crown Point, IN



    Saturday, December 5th
    Olympic High School
    Charlotte, NC 

    unday, December 6th
    Northgate High School
    Newnan, GA

    Sunday, December 13th
    TBA Los Angeles, CA


    FALL 2020 KICKING CAMPS (updated 10.10.2020)



    Sunday, September 27
    Dexter Southfield School
    Brookline, MA



    Sunday, October 4th
    Olympic High School
    Charlotte, NC

    Sunday, October 18th
    South Kitsap High School
    Port Orchard, WA

    Sunday, October 25th
    Mt. Carmel High School
    San Diego, CA


    Saturday & Sunday
    November 14 & 15
    Las Vegsa Sports Complex

    Las Vegas, NV

    Sunday, November 22nd
    Paradise Coast Sports Complex
    Naples, FL



    Saturday, December 5th
    LD Bell High School
    Hurst, TX

    Sunday, December 6th

    Northgate High School
    Newnan, GA 

    Sunday, December 13th
    Rosemont Dome (INDOOR)
    Rosemont, IL

    Sunday, December 20th
    TBA San Francisco, CA






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    All EXACT camp locations are located on the registration pages.  All camps are ran by the first instructor listed under each camp date.

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Player Rankings • Player Profile
Tyler White • Class of 2023 • Kickers
FBS Power 5 Freshman Year Starter, Scholarship Pick
FBS Freshman Year Starter, Scholarship Pick
FCS Freshman Year Starter, Scholarship Pick or FBS PWO
D2, D3, NAIA Prospect or FCS PWO
D2, D3 or NAIA Developing Prospect
High School Starter
Developing High School Player
Tyler White
Name: Tyler White
Player Ranking:
Class Rank: 10
Grad Year: 2023
State: TX
Country: United States
Pro Team:
Height: 6-5
Weight: 205
Student Since: 2019
Last Evaluation: 7-20
Highlight Videos

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Player Review
Tyler is a very talented young high school kicking and punting prospect. He is big, tall, strong and athletic. Tyler hits a great ball on field goal. He gets the ball up well and has 55+ yard range. Tyler is ready to move to the ground. His kickoffs are strong for his class. He is also a very talented punter. I like his frame and athleticism for the punting position. He is averaging 40+ yards with solid hang time. Tyler is a competitor that does well under pressure. He improves at a steady rate each time we see him. As Tyler continues to work on his technique and consistency in all areas, he will be special. The tools are there to do so. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Tyler. Keep a close eye on this talented athlete. He is a fine young man with a great attitude and work ethic. Look for Tyler to have a great upcoming sophomore season. Strong combo prospect.

Aaron Perez (3/20)
"Tyler is a young, extremely talented athlete. Currently ranked #1 in the country for the class of 2023, Tyler showed why he was deserving of that spot at the TX Punters Only Camp! In the charting portion of the afternoon, Tyler averaged 47+ yards a punt over six punts with some of his best punts going 55+ yards and over 4.5 seconds of hang time. We believe Tyler will continue to improve and refine as he matures. I believe Tyler could be the dominant punter in his class with continued work. A bright future awaits this talented young punter!"

Aaron Perez (10/20)
"Tyler is our #1 punter in the country for the class of 2023 and he displayed his ability at the TX PuntFactory Camp. Tyler hit numerous balls 55-60 yards and several well over 4.5 seconds of hangtime. During the training portion of camp, Tyler’s best punt was 60 yards 4.55 seconds of hang. We worked hard on operation time as well and he was able to get balls off under 1.5 seconds touch to toe. Tyler is still young but to see how talented he is and how much he is improving is fun to watch. As we continue to work on his control, tempo and consistency I believe Tyler will be one of the greats to come through our program. Look for him to dominate the upcoming Las Vegas Events."
College Interest
Additional Information
Major Accomplishments:
2020 Underclassmen Invitational Class of 2023 Punting Charting Champion

Other Notes:
Combo Player K/P

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