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Liam McCullough • Class of 2015 • Long Snappers
Division 1 prospect
Division 2 prospect
Division 3 prospect
Liam McCullough
Name: Liam McCullough
Player Ranking:
Class Rank: 2
Grad Year: 2015
State: OH
Country: United States
College: Ohio St.
Pro Team:
Height: 6'3
Weight: 230
SAT/ACT: 30!
GPA: 3.8
Student Since: 2011
Last Evaluation: 11/14
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Player Review
The more I watch Liam snap the ball, the more I am impressed with him. He absolutely rips the ball back to the punter. You almost feel bad for the guy that stands 15 yards back from Liam. I have timed him in the MID .5s and I am very strict with my timing. Passes the eye ball test quickly and is very cerebral with his Long Snapping. Love to see him make sure he is always reaching all the way back to get a bit more accurate and consistent with his punt snaps. I want no misses from him. Only issue he ever has is if he hands stop short. Kid is excellent and dominant. 11/14

Liam did exceptionally well at the Rubio Long Snapping Spring Event in Las Vegas. He made it to the finals and could have EASILY won the whole event. Snaps with great power and accuracy. When he gets his head through smoothly and his hands come out at the same spot, he is the best in the country. Passes the eyeball test VERY quickly. He has very strong hands and I love how he tries to snap it through the punter. Kid is on fire right now and should just keep picking up offers throughout the summer. 7/14

College Interest
Offered scholarships to Michigan St, Wisconsin, Ohio St and Kentucky!
Additional Information

Average 15 yard snap time at the 12th Annual Spring Event in Las Vegas: .70
Average 40 yard dash time at the 12th Annual Spring Event in Las Vegas: 5.31

TOP 12 - 2014
TOP 12 - 2013

Average 15 yard snap time at the 12th Annual Event: .69
Average 40 yard dash at the 12th Annual Event: 5.15

Average 15 yard snap time at the 11th Annual Event: .66

Average time for a 15 yard snap at the 10th Annual Event: .77

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