Chris Sailer Kicking Rubio Long Snapping
  • All camps, except the TOP 12 and Underclassmen Invite Event, are OPEN and no invite is needed.

    The following camps are our one day instructional camps that are OPEN TO ALL levels of Kickers, Punters and Long Snappers and will offer you the top exposure in the country.

    September 14 - NY

    October 19 - CA

    November 9 -  IL

    Novermber 22 - NC

    November 23 - GA

    December 7 - TX

    January 11 - CA Prep Camp

    January 16 - Small Group Sessions (Vegas)

    January 17-18 - VEGAS XXV

    For more information on the fall camps, go here. For more information on VEGAS XXV, go here.


  • Kickers / Punters:

    Sean Covington 

    Jed Barnett 

    Diego Gonzalez

    Jimmy Hutchinson 

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  • Kickers / Punters:

    JK Scott

    Freeman Jones
    North Carolina

    Cameron Gamble

    Gary Wunderlich
    Ole Miss

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  • Kickers / Punters:

    Andrew David

    Long Snappers:

    Blake Ferguson

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chris sailer kicking & rubio long snapping testimonials
Chris Sailer Kicking

"We are enjoying the 2014 football season soooooooo much. I wanted to personally thank you for all that you have done for our son and for all of those fortunate young men that get the opportunity to work with you. I will recommend Chris Sailer Kicking to anyone and everyone. If you ever need any sort of testimonial more than this, please let me know, as it would be my pleasure."
Parent - CA - 2014

Rubio Long Snapping

"Rubio, I am gonna tell it to you straight as any true New Yorker would. My son attended his first national showcase for longsnapping in December of 2013. I knew very little about the specialty or how to guide my son to the right folks. At that showcase one of the parents told me only to use that company only and quite frankly stay away from you. The 2 reasons: You have a big ego and just want your name out there and you only advance the kids who attend numerous camps. Being new to this world I trusted what I heard. Shame on me! Two national showcases and a camp later, not to mention numerous dollars on travel, profile page and new film, I find myself wondering if I could have invested better. At the same time I was contemplating, I began following you on all the social media sites. Day after day I saw you posting about signing longsnappers. As my son just began his senior year I began to recognize how precious time and money was and in a "last ditch effort" of sorts I chose to bring him to your camp in NY. In the first 10 minutes, I recognized the immediate connection you had with the players. In the first 30 minutes I was asked to join with my son on the field for drills. This gave me the opportunity to learn some simple techniques so that I can be a partner with in his success. All day long I was included and my son was being engaged by you, learning new techniques that will advance and enhance his skills. There were 30 snappers there and you found time to connect with each one. The guidance on and off the field is on point. In response to the parent who I listened to: About your ego... We all have one. You are a marketing genius! You get my kids name out there, feel free to add your name to it. Because at the end of the day, the one thing I want is my kids name out there. When the day was done I walked away with a few thoughts: 1.) Do the research myself 2) You have a personality as big as your smile 3) My son received more value based training for the $350 I spent with you in comparison. I am a firm believer in when the student is ready the teacher appears. I am glad he had the opportunity to find you."
Parent - NY - 2014

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welcome players, parents and coaches!

Chris Sailer offers over 15 years of top quality football experience. His services include national events, camps, private lessons, and group clinics. Enjoy the most in depth, hands-on kicking camps and take home years of experience in just a couple hours of instruction. This learning experience in invaluable.

You will receive the best kicking and punting instruction available. Learn from and compete with the top professional and collegiate kickers and punters in the game today. The staff includes current NFL, Arena Football, and NCAA D-1 kickers and punters. We are current professionals, teaching the kicking and punting techniques used in today's game.


Long Snapping is crucial to the game of football. One bad snap can alter the outcome of a play, game, or season. College football coaches now realize the importance of this specialization and are therefore dedicating more time to the recruitment of Long Snappers. The opportunities for Long Snappers are growing quickly. This is your chance to learn and prove that you have what it takes to snap at the next level.

Instructor Chris Rubio can help you to become the best snapper you can be! In just 12 years, Chris Rubio has become the #1 Long Snapping instructor in the country and the go-to man when a college coach needs a Long Snapper. Colleges from across the country rely on Chris Rubio's word day in and day out on who the best Long Snappers are in the country. In just 12 years, Chris Rubio has assisted in over 300 Long Snappers earning FULL SCHOLARSHIPS to major colleges and universities just for Long Snapping.

It's simple, if you want to get yourself better, noticed and into the next level: go through Chris Sailer Kicking and Rubio Long Snapping.