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Liam McCullough

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Liam McCullough Player Photo
Class of
State: OH
Pro Team:
Class Rank: 2
Height: 6'3
Weight: 230
SAT/ACT: 30!
GPA: 3.8


* * * * * = Division 1 Prospect
* * * * = Division 2 Prospect
* * * = Division 3 Prospect

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Player Review

Liam did a great job out at the Rubio Long Snapping Event in Las Vegas. He is built VERY well and is snapping with some good confidence. I love his form and his upper body is really strong. He has very quick hands and does a wonderful job of getting the ball out and going to the punter. Only issue I saw was his hands being too quick in releasing the ball. He would release the ball just a tad early. SIMPLE fix and it would just make him more perfect! Kid is great and has a blue collar attitude. Easily a D1 Long Snapper. 



College Interest

Offered scholarships to Michigan St, Wisconsin, Ohio St and Kentucky!



Additional Information

Rubio Long Snapping History 

Student Since: 2011 

Latest Evaluation: 1/14

TOP 12 - 2013

Average 15 yard snap time at the 12th Annual Event: .69

Average 40 yard dash at the 12th Annual Event: 5.15

Average 15 yard snap time at the 11th Annual Event: .66

Average time for a 15 yard snap at the 10th Annual Event: .77



liam_mccullough_and_rubio_1.jpg liam_mccullough_and_rubio_2.jpgliam_mccullough_and_rubio_.jpg


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